1. Left foot step to the left while left hand blocks the punch.  Horse riding stance with right and left punches to the opponents ribs and right punch to opponents head.  Fright foot round kick to stomach.
  2. Left foot inside out kick to block opponents arm.  Right foot round kick to head.
  3. Left foot step over the right foot to evade the punch.  Right foot front kick to stomach or groin. Step down into a horse riding stance with right and left punches to opponents abdomen.  Right punch to the head.
  4. Left foot forward and left hand inside

Low Green 1 step sparring Techniques



  1. Right foot step to the right to avoid the punch and left foot round kick to the opponents ribs. Continue in the same direction with a turnaround right foot instep kick to the same rib area. Without stepping down pull back the same leg and round kick to opponents head on the other side.


  1. Left foot step forward and left hand outside forearm block to the inside of opponents punch. Step with right foot forward as you elbow strike with the right front elbow to the opponents face. Spin to the left with a spinning left back elbow to the opponents face while your right arm comes up to block the punch arm. Right foot step out away from opponent and finish with a right foot round kick to the head.


  1. 4 kicks. Inside out left foot cresent kick to block the opponents punch. Right foot side kick to abdomen. Left foot spin cresent to the opponents head. Right foot round kick to the opponents head.


  1. Left foot step to the left to avoid the punch while left hand blocks opponents punch down with a ridge hand block. Right hand ridge hand to the opponents face as you step forward with the right foot. Same hand right hand knife hand strike to the neck. Right foot step back away as you left hand spin knife to the head followed by a right foot round kick to the head.


  1. Right foot step inside and block with the right forearm with an outside in block to the opponents inside punch arm. Now facing the same direction as the opponent, use the right arm to back elbow strike to the abdomen, same hand back fist to the face then hammer fist to the groin. Step out away from the opponent with the right foot as you spin knife to the head with your left hand.


  1. Right or left foot jump side kick to the opponent’s chest.